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Perception Carolina 12 Kayak Review

Perception Carolina 12 Kayak Review

Is the Perception Carolina 12 the Best 12 Foot Kayak Ever Made?

Perception Carolina 12 is a comfortable kayak built for endurance and speed. The touring kayak is perfect for people who want to go on multiple adventures for many days. It is a unique touring kayak that has a different size, but similar features as other touring boats.

The kayak has a hull that makes it really stable, alongside its V shape that further boosts stability. However, it is smaller than the usual 14 feet kayak. However, these 12 feet have as much stability as the 14 feet yaks.
So, what you have before you is an agile 12 feet touring kayak with the precision of 14 feet and less length, making transportation easier.

As we go on, we’ll talk about Perception Carolina 12 in more detail, highlighting its features, performance, and designs. Let’s begin with a look at the specifications of this kayak.

Read through this review to find out how suitable this kayak is for your usage and touring plans.

A Quick look Perception Carolina 12’s Specifications

Product type: Sit-in Touring Kayak
User: Single
Capacity: 275lbs max
Cockpit depth: 14.5 inches
Length: 12 feet
Weight: 49lbs
Width: 26.5inches

A Look at Perception Carolina 12’s Design

The Perception Carolina 12 has the smooth maneuverability you expect from a touring kayak. It has a slimline shape and perfect space management that makes it great for long expeditions and single-day trips.

The 12-foot touring boat has a sit-in cockpit that protects users from the elements as they paddle, which is better than a sit-on-top kayak that leaves you at the mercy of the environment.

The 12 feet kayak comes with a spray skirt that keeps the water and cold out while insulating the user.
Although technical and advanced, this touring kayak has a low entry barrier, which is comparable to other sit-in-kayaks. It is well-suited for experts and amateurs alike, but it is necessary to take a basic course on technical control and maneuvers before proceeding to the sea.

The Perception Carolina 12 has a V-shaped hull that stabilizes the kayak on the water and improves the gliding mechanism. The hull is made of polyethylene just like other kayaks. It is durable and doesn’t puncture or break easily as other plastics would.

Despite the hull, you can choose to buy a rudder for the kayak. It will improve the kayak’s movement and stability, and make it easy for you to track and turn the kayak when you’re on the river.

All the Features Of Perception Carolina 12

From observations, the Perception Carolina has every necessary feature of a Kayak, especially a touring boat. Its seat is ergonomic and cushioned, and it comes with dry storage where you can keep your camping gear.

The Cockpit Seat

The Perception Carolina 12 has a screwed-in cockpit seat rather than the molded version. The choice of the seat adds weight to the kayak, but not so much to cause excessive weight.

The advantage of the screwed-in kayak is that it is adjustable and offers better ergonomics. The seats of the seat are comfortable, thick, and provide several options for adjustments.

You can spend long periods on the touring kayak without feeling uncomfortable due to the nature of the cockpit seat. As you sit, the foam molds to suit the shape of your body, making you extra comfy.

The cockpit’s entry point has a padded covering, which protects your legs and knees from scuffs. It is a thoughtful addition.

The Perception Carolina also has adjustable footpads that adjust to suit the user’s size and height. They can backward or forward to suit the user’s features.

A combination of the footpads, cockpit seat, and covering do much to improve user comfort, improve sitting position, and helps you to paddle for long without getting tired. You can spend a long time on the water and not feel exhausted or uncomfortable.

Storage Facilities

For a touring kayak, some amount of space is necessary, although space is usually limited in most kayak boats. The manufacturers of Perception Carolina 12 designed the boat to manage space as much as possible.

Observation will show the 1/4 foot long dry hatch behind the kayak. The hatch runs in from the rear to the end of the kayak and has some reasonable amount of space. You can leverage this space for your dry gear and spare clothes you carry on your trip.

Behind the user’s seat, you find some space with mesh rigging where you can store your items for camping, including your blanket, tarpaulins, and the like. This mesh rigging covers quite a considerable amount of space on the kayak and holds the items you place there securely.

That’s not all; another area of mesh rigging sits in front of the kayak’s cockpit. This one is a bungee cord that resembles the back rigging and offers a secure space to store other items you carry along.

The final storage lies at the kayak’s bow. It is a dry hatch that sits in front of the boat. It is smaller than the dry hatch at the rear, but this is probably because it is a 12 feet kayak and not a 14.

For a 12 feet kayak, the available space is decent and can accommodate a reasonable amount of items you might need to place there. The kayak does not totally sacrifice your storage space on the altar of compatibility and ease of transportation.

If you are big on space or you think the Perception Carolina 12 touring kayak won’t satisfy your needs, seek a larger touring kaya, specifically one that is 14 feet.

Final verdict on the Perception Carolina 12 Kayak

By all counts, the Perception Carolina 12 is a great and impressive touring kayak. Even though it’s smaller than the average touring kayak, it brings it all home with amazing features that you cannot ignore. The kayak is very agile and has maneuverability that very few kayaks can match. The design, size, and shape of the Carolina 12 kayak make it a standard when it comes to maneuverability.

The boat’s material and its V-shape hull create a light and fluid design that glides over the water smoothly and tracks without any issues.

While we must admit that its space is smaller than what you get on average-sized kayaks, it is not a deal-breaker. You can also purchase an add-on tow or accessory pack to support more space.

We highly recommend the Perception Carolina 12 kayak based on its features, ease of transportation, and price. It is a great bargain with its cost and features; one that you would be glad to make.

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