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Lifetime Manta Tandem Kayak Review

Lifetime Manta Tandem Kayak Review

An In-depth Review of Lifetime Manta Tandem Kayak

One of the best outings to have is to relax with friends and family on the water with nice weather blessing you. With the Lifetime Manta kayak, such an outing only gets better. The kayak has an extra room for a third person who can be a sibling, kids, or friends.

The Lifetime Manta kayak comes with two easy-to-handle paddles and uncommon stability that makes it easy to control, even with little kayaking experience. Its two padded backrests also add to your comfort.

This kayak has a large weight capacity, so you can carry your load without fear that it won’t take it.

Many reasons exist why people love and highly recommend the Lifetime Manta Tandem kayak. I will be telling you some of these reasons and explaining the kayak’s features in the coming paragraphs so keep reading!

Here’s Why Lifetime Tandem Kayak is a Favorite

  • Exceptional Stability
  • Has enough room for three people
  • Comes with elevated seats and backrests for comfort
  • Two paddles come with the kayak
  • Has a high weight capacity

Features of the Lifetime Tandem Kayak

The first thing to point out with this kayak is that the manufacturer perfectly managed the space on the 10ft long kayak for optimal use.

You can find everything you need in the kayak, including two paddles, two backrests, elevated seats, and built-in footrests. There is also a storage room and some space to bring along a third person.

Let’s do a checklist of these features.

  • Extra seat between two paddlers for a third person
  • Molded elevated seats for two paddlers
  • Adjustable backrests
  • Two paddles (aluminum and adjustable)
  • Paddle rests for placing the paddles securely
  • Three carry handles
  • Three cup holders
  • Footrests for two paddlers
  • Self-draining holes to remove water from the cockpit
  • A bungee-corded storage space

Here’s the User Experience with Lifetime Tandem Manta Kayak

Ease of Use

The Lifetime Manta kayak is very easy to use and control. Its good tracking makes it easy to paddle on the calm summer sea. Although it’s made for calm water, this kayak is designed to handle some waves with ease and not lose control.

You can go solo on the kayak, in a pair, or as thee people. If you want to go solo, you only have to move your seat to the middle for balance and you can paddle from there. Although three people can use the kayak, the third person should be a child so the place isn’t too tight.

The Lifetime Manta Kayak comes with two paddles, making it many user’s favorites. The paddles have adjustable blades to suit several techniques of paddling.

The paddle shaft comes with a comfortable vinyl grip, and a paddle rest lies in front of the sits where you can place your paddle and keep it away from the water.

You and your partner must know how to paddle the kayak in unison for smooth sailing.

The kayak is beyond its tag as basic, as it comes with several additional. Two fishing rod holders are available if you want to fish, and there’s also a place to set up a small sail for the wind. Even more, there is a space at the back where you can install a trolling motor.


You can spend an entire day sitting on the Lifetime Manta kayak without any physical discomfort. First, the molded seats have ergonomic shaping and are placed higher than the cockpit so you can sit high and remain dry throughout your activities. You can also get another kayak seat if you please and replace the existing one, but it is already as comfortable as seats get.

The padded backrests that accompany the kayak are easy to install and remove from the eyelets. Your backrests get dry fast, so you won’t suffer the discomfort of using a wet backrest.

The comfort goes a step further with the three bottle holders on the kayak where you can place your drinks and have them close to you.

We cannot avoid or prevent water from splashing into the kayak, but the manufacturers saved you from discomfort by installing scupper holes to drain water out from under your feet. A drain plug also sits at the stern to remove any water that gets into the hull.


The Lifetime Manta Kayak is safe and stable, and it would take a lot to tip it. The body is wider than most kayaks you find, and it comes with a tunnel hull design offering strong stability. Children and learners will find this kayak to be their favorite because it is stable and safe. Even if you try climbing in from the side, it doesn’t tumble over.


This kayak is average in the area of storage because there’s not much room for that. You won’t find a dry storage compartment or a tank well on this kayak. You only get bungee-corded storage in the front where you can place a small gear.

You can go ahead without the extra storage by placing your valuables in a dry bag or getting a kayak cooler to store your food and drinks.


Some owners who have used the Lifetime Manta Kayak confirm that although it doesn’t last an entire lifetime, it is durable and can handle being on the water multiple times across a few years.

Although the body could get scratched from activities, it is tough enough to withstand some abuse and still perform well.

You also get a 5-year warranty when you purchase the kayak in case something goes wrong.


The Lifetime Manta is on the short side compared to other tandem kayaks, which makes it easy for you to carry and move around without help. It has two comfortably padded handles on the sides that you can use, and one molded-in handle at the bow to drag it into the water and out.

You can easily place your kayak on the roof of your vehicle or at the back of your pickup truck when you’re moving from one location to another.

Pros and Cons of the Lifetime Manta Tandem Kayak


  • Affordable
  • Excellent Stability
  • Enough room for three people
  • Comfortable and removable backrests
  • Comes with paddles


  • Cannot handle long trips
  • Doesn’t have much speed

Final Verdict and Rating

We are giving the final verdict based on three features: Design, Price, and Material.


The Lifetime Manta Kayak gets a 90% score. The kayak’s design is incredible and rare. It is not every time you find a 10 feet kayak with a good cockpit and two paddles for paddlers to comfortably use on the kayak.

However, it is short on storage space and other sophisticated features you find in other tandem kayaks.


Because two to three people can use the Lifetime Tandem Kayak, it offers much value for the price. Instead of buying or renting two kayaks, you can get the Lifetime tandem kayak and save money.
It scores 95% with regards to price and value for money.


One of the reasons the Lifetime kayak is durable is because of its material. The kayak’s body is made of low-density polyethylene, which is tough and durable. It doesn’t dent or puncture easily.

The kayak has UV protection that prevents the material from fading and deteriorating due to constant exposure.

Final Verdict

After considering all features, angles, and experiences with the Lifetime Manta Kayak, we give it a 90% score as an overall grade.

We also recommend this kayak to anyone wishing to hit the water with a friend, spouse, or kid.
You will enjoy the Lifetime Manta Tandem Kayak for many years.




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