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Sevylor Tahiti Classic 2-Person Kayak Review

Sevylor Tahiti Classic 2-Person Kayak Review

More often than not, conventional kayaks can be expensive and difficult to transport, especially for amateur kayakers. However, the Coleman Sevylor Tahiti is an exception to the rule. This entry-level boat is very affordable and comes with a slew of features. It’s also an ideal option if you lack space, or if your vehicle is somewhat small, since transporting traditional kayaks is sometimes easier said than done.

The Coleman Sevylor Tahiti Classic will be ideal option for anyone who regularly takes camping exclusions near or around lakes. The tandem simplifies the process for a family who wants to go kayaking in pairs. You’ll end up spending hours on the water as a result. All you need to do when you’re done is deflate the kayak before packing it up.


Warranty: 90 days.
Air chambers: several.
Design: self bail.
Construction: PVC 21-gauge.
Weight capacity: up to 360 pounds.
Deflated weight: about 25 pounds.
Inflated weight: 30 pounds.
Dimensions (when inflated): 10’4” by 2’9”.


The Coleman Sevylor Tahiti Classic is a terrific boat to take out on the lake. With that said, be on the lookout for branches and sharp rocks for the sake of avoiding them. Although this canoe can be blown up, it isn’t the sturdiest option, nor is it very durable in comparison to its counterparts. However, its price point makes it worth considering, especially for newcomers.

If you are an intermediate kayaker, then you’ll be able to use this boat on rivers (to a small class VI rapid). While the inflatable kayak may not do as well in comparison to one with a hardshell on the water, its functionality and portability make it worth considering. A skeg can prove to be handy for experienced kayakers. Simply attach it for faster speeds when riding. With that said, a skeg shouldn’t be used if any visible boulders and rocks are around. It also shouldn’t be used if there are low flows, or if you’re on rapids.

Positives and Negatives

As with any product, there are positives and negatives to consider. Here are some of them that can help you determine if the Coleman Sevylor Tahiti Classic is something you want to buy.


  • The price point is affordable and is one of (if not) the most inexpensive options.
  • There is room enough for a couple of people to fit in the kayak.
  • Because it contains a rigid build, the Coleman Sevylor Tahiti Classic will be a worthwhile choice when you’re out on the lake.
  • Visibility is optimized because of its vibrant colors. This is particularly ideal for larger groups.
  • There is a manual pump valve that comes with several fittings.
  • Made with durable PVC.
  • Sufficient reserve air on the floor, side, and deck valves.


  • The seats aren’t ideal since they’re inflatable. That means they can float away easily if you were to end up flipping accidentally on the river.
  • The lack of keel results in poor tracking for the boat.You and the other rider need to be completely in sync, lest you end up hitting one another’s paddles.
  • You may experience valve system problems, according to some users.
  • Lack of extra accessories like panels, pump, and skeg.

Build and Quality

The Coleman Sevylor Tahiti Classic has been a fan favorite ever since it was released. The boat’s self-bailing feature means it is capable of handling calm waters, but nothing extreme. The cost is fairly low in contrast to various other inflatable boats, and it is capable of handling itself on the water when you’re wading through it. The boat is of decent quality, but it won’t last you for decades. With that said, while it isn’t very durable over the long haul, you’ll still get plenty of paddling out of the boat whatever it’s taken for an excursion.


The Coleman Sevylor Tahiti Classic’s design gives both kayakers plenty of space. There are storage compartments located in both the back and front of the boat, small as they may be, to store essentials in. The basic design reflects the construction and performance. This boat will not be a suitable option for experienced kayakers.

The Coleman Sevylor Tahiti Classic will be ideal for families who have kids (assuming they are of a certain age and understand how to safely operate the boat). The basic features are easy to pick up on, and will not compromise riders’ safety. Paddling around in this boat can be very fun, and it is capable of carrying a reasonable load. Its functionality and price make it suitable for beginner kayakers.

Owner Reviews

The Coleman Sevylor Tahiti Classic has been praised by its owners, mostly because of its price point. It is simple to deflate and inflate without delay. Some owners claimed that it took them less than 15 minutes before they fully inflated the boat and got it in the water. The boat includes a big carrying bag that can easily fit the air pumps, skeg, and life vests. The kayak inflates and deflates effortlessly, allowing quick and easy cleanup for users. This is a feature that traditional kayaks cannot offer. The Coleman Sevylor Tahiti Classic is a terrific tandem kayak and lets you float on lakes with another adult or child. Some claim that this boat is incomparable against an ocean kayak’s speed, it is ideal to laze around on when on the water. You’ll love taking this kayak out for a paddle on calm lakes.

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