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Best Kayak Carts, Trolleys & Wheels Reviewed in 2020

Best Kayak Carts, Trolleys & Wheels Reviewed In 2020

It can be so much fun to go kayaking. But what about getting your kayak to the lake in the first place. Without help it might be quite difficult since kayaks can weigh a lot.

That’s where kayak carts come in handy, to help you get your boat from the car to the water. There are a lot of different options and designs to choose from.

Therefore we have created this kayak cart buying guide and made a review list of the best trolleys you can select from.

Top 8 Kayak Carts

1. TMS Kayak Cart Carrier Trolley

Our top pick is designed to transport up to 150 lbs. The cart comes with a strap that is 12 feet long to tie down the kayak safely.

The frame material is metal which makes it a solid vehicle. Your kayak will be protected from scratches by two foam bumpers on each side of the trolley’s arms.

The assembly is quick and easy. The whole cart can be broken down completely which allows for quick and convenient launching and storing. You only need to attach the wheels, which are large enough to enable stable support on uneven grounds.

Overall a strong and solid Carrier for a hassle free and longlasting transport of your kayak.


  • Quick launch and disassembly
  • solid materials
  • high stability


  • possible odor from tires

2. RAILBLAZA C-Tug Kayak Cart

The C-Tug is different than most other carriers. It is made of polymers that won’t corrode and its axles are reinforced with stainless steel.

Assembly is convenient and easy. No tools required, and done within seconds.

The loading capacity of 300 lbs is one of the best in the market. Your kayak will be placed on rubberized pads and adjusted with included straps.

The cart comes with airless rubber wheels which make them puncture proof. They are relatively broad and the high grip design makes them stable in all environments.


  • High longevity
  • Very light
  • Easy to store


  • tie-down straps not as easy to adjust
  • durability of straps

3. Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart

The frame is made of anodized aluminum which prevents corrosion. The cart is foldable, so you can quickly assemble and disassemble for convenient storage in your car and kayak.

The Trolley can transport kayaks of up to 200 lbs. For protection purposes it comes with oversized foam bumpers that are attached to the frame.

Another special feature of the Malone Clipper Deluxe are its airless tires that will never go flat. Also it comes with a kickstand to for increased stability.


  • durable and sturdy tires
  • high stability
  • solid perfomance on all grounds


  • bigger size than other carts

4. ABN Universal Kayak Carrier

The weight limit of the ABN Universial kayak carrier is 200 lbs. The frame is made of high quality steel which makes the cart durable and enduring.

The wheels allow transport over gravel, sand or wooden soils. They are designed as 9.5 inch knobby tires that are inflated quickly.

It comes with a 12 foot tie down strap and the frame is equipped with foam pads that protect the surface of your kayak.


  • Easy assembly process
  • high quality frame
  • Space effective storage


  • not the best stability

5. Malone Xpress Scupper-Style Kayak Cart

The Malone Xpress Scupper-Style cart is designed to fit standard kayaks with scupper that do not weigh over 200 lbs.
The wheels of the cart are airless and suited for nearly all terrain.
What makes this cart special is its adjustbale width control. This allows you to flexibly transport kayaks with a width of 6.5 to 15 inches.
The frame is made of powder-coated aluminum which prevents corrosion. A foam pad that is attached to the frame will protect your kayak from scratches or dents.


  • Malone lifetime warranty
  • low weight


  • difficult assembly
  • no straps

6. Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart

This cart comes with a powder coated aluminum frame that is protected against corrosion and quite durable through its stainless steele hardware.

The airless 10 inch tires are adding to the longevity of the cart. They can be taken off and the frame can be collapsed into a smaller bag for easy transport and storage.

The carriers allows to transport kayaks of up to 125 lbs which is on the lower end of the spectrum.


  • longevity
  • comes straps on both sides


  • only holds 125 lbs
  • small rubber pads for protection

7. Best Choice Products Aluminum Kayak Cart

This sturdy aluminum cart comes with a 10 inch stand that is spring loaded to enhance easy and convenient loading of your kayak. The weight capacity of the carrier is 150 lbs.

The fact that the frame is foldable makes storing and transporting the cart easy. The frame is equipped with foam bumpers and has a 12 inch strap attached to it to secure the boat.

The 10 inch tires are made out of foam which makes them puncture-free. They allow a smooth use on sand, gravel and most other grounds.


  • very affordable
  • high stability
  • easy to transport


  • the wheels may give off odor
  • hard to adjust kayak with straps

8. Malone Nomad Standard Universal Kayak Cart

The designers of the Nomad had limited storage requirements in mind when they developed the Nomad. It was designed so it can fit in most kayak hatches.

Nevertheless you get a cart that has a weight capacity of 150 lbs and that is able to transport bigger sit-on-top and sit-inside kayaks.

The frame material is silver anodized aluminum. It can be collapsed completely and has a stainless steel hardware. The integrated kickstand enhances the stability of the cart.

You do not need to worry about flat wheels since the 10 inch tires are airless and puncture proof.


  • Low weight
  • Easy to store


  • low stability on some surfaces
  • limited to kayak width of max 21 inches

Considerations You Should Make Before Buying A Kayak Cart

With all the different kayak carts on the market and all the different design options to choose from it can be quite hard to make a decision of which one to get. That is why we have included a short buyers guide here for you with the most important things you should take into account.

Different Types of Carts

Overall there are 3 cart types:

Folding carts: This is the most popular choice of kayakers. They are easy to transport, compact and convenient to stow.
Strap carts: These carts are equipped with a strap that secures your kayak during the transport.
Plug in carts: Convenient carriers with high stability and fixed wheels which gives these carts their low weight.

Think about your preferences and where you will deploy your cart. If the ground you are using the cart on is very uneven you might want to go with a plug-in cart since they provide the highest stability. If you are looking for an option that allows you to be very flexible and that has low storage requirements you might want to go with a folding cart.

Flexibility in Width

Kayaks come in many different shapes and sizes. Depending on the model the width of kayaks can vary a lot. So if you own more than one kayak or if you want to transport differently sized kayaks with your cart you need one that provides the possibility to adjust its width.

The Wheels of the Cart

Depending on the environment you want to transport your kayak through you need to take the various wheel designs into account. Kayak carts come with differently sized wheels. The wider a wheel is the better it will perfom on sandy grounds. The larger the wheel is the more stable the cart will be.
Another thing to consider is the material the wheels are made out of. Inflatable tires are allrounders for many different environments. If you want something puncture proof you might want to consider tires made out of foam or rubber. There are also plastic molded options available. These airless tires are designed for rough surfaces and provide more longevity.

The Cart’s Frame

The frame material becomes important if you want to take your cart to the ocean where it comes in contact with salt water. If you do you want to go with a corrosion free option. Aluminum and aluminum powder-coated frames provide this feature. Also plasitc and composites will not corrode in an ocean air or salt-water environment. Frames that are required to carry heavy loads often combine stainless steel with aluminum coating.

Storage Requirements

Depending on how much storage space you have available at home and in your kayak you want to decide on what type of cart you want to get. There are models that are fully collapsible. Foldable designs can be taken with you in the kayak. If you want to go for stability and you can leave the cart back in the car you might want to go with a larger version that does not need to be that flexible.


If you are on a budget the price of the cart may influence your decision as well. If you do not want to spent a whole lot of money you want to balance the price with the quality. Going as cheap as possible might not always give you the best overall results. Make sure you get what you need in perfomance for a good price by comparing different models.


Robert Johnson

I'm Robert Johnson the guy behind I went to my first kayaking trips with my father as a little boy and immediately fell in love with it. It is still my favorite hobby today. I love to go on kayaking trips with friends and family and I wanted to share my passion and knowledge around this wonderful outdoor activity with this website.

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