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The 10 Best Kayak Fishing Accessories Reviewed

The 10 Best Kayak Fishing Accessories Reviewed

Many people enjoy water sports during the summertime. Kayaking happens to fall into that category. You can go kayaking either with groups or on your own. There are many people out there who enjoy fishing from a kayak. That is because these watercrafts are lightweight, simple to operate, and compact enough to store almost anywhere. With that said, not every kayak is suitable for fishing. This can be rectified with some simple accessories, though.
Spending the day fishing is fine, but as any fisherman will tell you, having the proper tools on hand will enhance the day’s enjoyment. We have conducted extensive research and compiled this list of our favorite kayaks fishing accessories.

Accessories for Kayak Fishing: Top 10 Gear Review of 2020

Sak Gear DrySak Waterproof Dry Bag

One popular manufacturer of dry bags is Sak Gear. This particular waterproof bag comes in a variety of colors that range from camouflage to pink. You can pick from a couple of different sizes, including the 10-liter option or the 20-liter one. This dry bag can be used in all sorts of weather conditions because of the heavy-duty PVC 500d material it’s made from. The DrySak is also quite durable and can withstand harsh terrains. Welded seams are part of the bag, preventing your belongings from getting wet.

Sak Gear has added a safety trim to the bag, which is reflective. Thus, you will remain visible in the dark. The trim will make finding the bag a breeze if it were to go overboard. You can throw your gear inside the exterior splash-proof zip pocket for quick access. You can carry the bag around via the detachable shoulder strap, which is also adjustable. This kayak fishing accessory is a must-have for your vessel.


Durable material.
Multiple sizes and colors to pick from.
Includes welded seam.

Deeper Pro Plus Smart Sonar

A fishing kayak and GPS fishfinder go hand-in-hand. Deeper has produced one that is both Android and iOS-compatible, letting you sync wirelessly with them. In doing so, you’ll have the ability to determine where fish are courtesy of the high-resolution screen. It can be used for all sorts of fishing methods, including float tubes, river fishing, kayak fishing, boat fishing, ice fishing, and sore fishing.

Deeper’s Smart Sonar is powerful enough to help you map out the waters you are fishing in. You will have the ability to transmit this information over to your laptop or desktop. Once you do, you can create a 3D model out of that body of water. The GPS finder is effective in waters as deep as 330 feet. You can also save spots by marking them for later visits.

The Smart Sonar can connect to your mobile device over Wi-Fi, as opposed to Bluetooth. This optimizes the connection and makes it last longer. The device is portable enough to fit in your hand effortlessly. As such, it can be tossed in your duffel bag (assuming it’s waterproof). Once you arrive at the fishing spot of your choosing, just whip out the fishfinder.


Create waypoints easily.
Range of 330 feet.
Fishing holes can be mapped.

Jet Logic A2 Complete Folding Kayak Anchor

Jet Logic’s Folding Kayak Anchor will be a handy fishing attachment for your watercraft. It is small in stature (3 and 1/3 pounds), but can hold your gear and kayak in position for as much time as you want. Having the ability to throw out casts from one spot will let you scope fishing supplies out in various bodies of water. Also, the rope is 25 feet long and considered ‘marine-grade,’ making it simple to anchor down into any shallows that fish populate in. The design is small and foldable, meaning it won’t be in your way while you’re paddling to a fishing spot. Best of all, the Kayak Anchor comes with a stylish and durable nylon case, simplifying the process of storing and transporting it.


Includes a durable carrying bag.
Built for all sorts of terrains.
Foldable design.

Scotty Powerlock Rod Holder

Every fishing kayak needs at least one rod. Scotty has developed a highly-praised rod holder. It is very simple to install. You will be able to go fishing hands-free. The Powerlock Rod Holder can be set up to troll through fishing zones you discover via your fishfinder.

Scotty clearly spent a lot of time designing this device. It accommodates most fishing rod styles, and swivels 360°. It isn’t hard to lock a rod in a position of your preference thanks to its locking mechanism.


Great value.
Rotation of 360°.
Simple to install.

Stohlquist Waterware Fisherman PFD

It doesn’t matter where you are kayaking – a PFD (personal flotation device) will be needed. In fact, some states mandate it. If you enjoy kayak fishing, consider customizing Stohlquist’s life vest as per your preferences.

The Fisherman PFD is produced with a nylon 500D cordura shell, as well as an oxford 200D liner. It has padded shoulders made of neoprene, which are totally adjustable. That allows you to position it anywhere you want. This PFD is so comfortable that you won’t even notice that you are wearing it.

It features embedded pockets and holders, adding convenience to your kayak fishing expeditions. The pockets have anchor points, entry closures with front zips, and pockets you can fold down (which serve as small tables).


Pockets can be folded down.
Comfortable no matter what position it’s in.
Plenty of pockets and holders.

Yeti Hopper Flip 12

Lengthy kayak trips warrant packing a lot of gear. After all, you won’t be able to stop at a nearby grocery store to find food. Yeti’s Flip 12 lets you bring food along with you and keep it nearby for the length of your expedition. It features a top that you can flop open, making it easy to find what you brought with you. That means you don’t have to rummage through your contents anymore.

The Flip 12 was developed to be completely leakproof. In other words, this gear gives you peace of mind. It utilizes Cold Cell insulation – a secure cell foam capable of retaining the coolness of your food for lengthy time frames.


Zipper is leakproof.
Exceptionally durable.
Cold Cell foam technology.

Scotty 455 Bait Board No Mount

You don’t have to concern yourself with storage space ever again, thanks to the 455 Bait Board. It creates a broad space to store tools and keeps your bait organized. Usually, kayaks lack flat areas. However, thanks to the bait board, you’ll have sufficient room to organize your gear. Set-up is effortless thanks to the fast-mounting posts. You can modify the angle and height, too. Your go-to tools (like your cup holder, camera, and fishfinder) can be mounted to the board’s edges. This kayak gives you a lot of space and convenience, despite it being so compact.


Gadgets are easily mountable.
Broad surface area.

SAMS Aluminum Landing Nets Catch and Release

SAMS has produced a nylon mesh that is knot-less and heavy-duty. The handle is comprised of solid aluminum. The non-slip grip allows you to grab it with ease no matter how wet your hands may be. It has a fish-friendly soft design, making it ideal for catching and releasing. The net happens to be very portable. It is simple to pack up and stow the net aboard because of how lightweight it is. Best of all, it doesn’t take up that much room. This heavy-duty landing net is designed to last for several seasons. It is a great accessory for any fishing kayak.


Easily portable.
Handle comes with a soft grip.
Lightweight and strong.

Yak Gear Milk Crate

Rather than keeping your gear disorganized on the deck, why not toss your loose gear right into the Milk Crate? Simply strap the crate to your kayak’s bungee system, and you will have ample storage just like that.


Does not retain water.
Add sufficient storage.

TMS Kayak Canoe Carrier Tote Trolley

TMS’s kayak carrier can support 150 pounds of weight and can fit a longboat 12 feet in length. The tote trolley has a strong metal frame and is incredibly durable. Both arms have foam bumpers that protect the boat from damages. Its large straps keep your kayak fastened to the carrier. The inflatable tires are extra-wide and large, making rolling over gravel and sand seamless. This is a unique kayak accessory to have, as it lets you carry large-size kayaks to any beach with minimal effort.


Big inflatable tires.
Durable design.
Foam bumpers.

Extra Gear

If you intend to spend the whole weekend kayak fishing, then it will be prudent to have additional padding on the seats. Before long, any seat can begin to feel a little uncomfortable, no matter how comfortably designed they are.

Just about all single American states mandate fishing licenses. They are purchasable at gas stations close to the lake. These can be costly, but you could end up facing steep penalties and fines without a fishing license.

Remember to stock up the tackle box and put in the things that you will need to fish. This can vary from live bait to lures, along with paperclips and pliers. A multipurpose screwdriver set may be convenient for both your kayak and fishing rod.

If cooler weather is expected over the weekend, consider packing warm clothing or a blanket. You will be glad you did when it starts to get a little chilly out, as they will warm your body up and keep it cozy. Warm shoes should also be included – if your feet become wet or cold, your whole body will, too, shortly afterward.

It is prudent to bring a light with you – ideally, a flashlight that is waterproof, or some kind of spotlight that helps you see in front of you when nightfall sets in. They make unpacking and packing gear much simpler for people who fish early and for extensive periods.

Bringing bug spray goes without saying. The last thing you want to do is sit on the lake and get nipped at by flying insects. Having a bug spray can nearby is a convenient approach to combating unwanted invaders.

You can style your kayak with all sorts of fishing accessories, all of which have the potential to enhance the functionality of your watercraft. Adding fishing accessories to the kayak creates a more customized experience for you. Paddle holders and rod holders may be the most vital kayaking accessories you can buy. They will let you go hands-free and fish comfortably. Other kayak fishing accessories that can optimize your experience range from coolers to nets.

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