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Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Review

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Review

The one-rider kayak known as the AdvancedFrame from Advanced Elements is inflatable and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It weighs slightly more than 33 pounds. The kayak was made with polyester that was PVC coated and aluminum ribs. This helps to reinforce the stern and bow.

The AdvancedFrame’s exterior has waterproof fabric, while the interior has an aluminum frame. This makes the inflatable boat seamlessly glide through the water. Providing a smooth ride and more protection, Advanced Elements’ AdvancedFrame serves as a flexible boat that can handle itself well through all sorts of waves and wind conditions. It is fast and stable, and quite a pleasure to go paddling in, no matter how long the journey is. The boat is somewhat hefty, so getting it from one place to another can be a bit of a hassle. Once the boat is in water, though, you’ll be happy you brought it out, so much so that you could spend the day paddling away in bliss. If you’re in search of a top-notch performance from an inflatable kayak, and you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for one, then the AdvancedFrame is worth looking at.


The inflatable kayak’s interior aluminum frame is quite intriguing. We were happy to take it out, and we were not disappointed. In contrast to all other inflatable kayaks that we tested out, this model was the superior boat. The pointed longbow and numerous skegs beneath it cuts effortlessly through the water. It is a low rider and fairly wide at 2’9”. That’s what makes it fast and stable, even in wavy and choppy conditions. Getting out of this even-balanced kayak is just as easy as getting into it. The narrow cockpit opening prevents water from coming into the boat with you. The exterior fabric layer also happens to be waterproof, which is a feature that other kayaks of its type don’t have. That makes the drying-off and cleanup process much simpler (in addition to decreasing drag).

The AdvancedFrame is far from perfect, though. Sure, it can handle itself out on water well, but it lacks any kind of scupper hole so that excess water can be drained while paddling. The boat comes with a lip that one spray skirt can be hung on (which Advanced Elements does sell). The small tubes that surround the cockpit might not be inflatable, but they can hold something taut like any sort of spray skirt. If there is no spray skirt, then large waves and/or water that pulls from a paddle handle may accumulate inside the cockpit. It won’t have anywhere to go except around the seat. Inflating the floor is difficult, as you reach a point where you won’t be able to feel the waves’ pulse under your backside. However, with those small complaints aside, we’re quite keen on the wind and wave-handling abilities of this vessel.

Comfort Level

Another benefit of the AdvancedFrame is the amount of comfort it provides. The cushion seat on the boat is quite thick. You can adjust it to the paddle position of your choosing. The cockpit’s narrow shape makes way for a leg position that is more comfortable for padding. Although it doesn’t have braces, you can use your knees and ridges situated on the boat’s floor to brace yourself and dig deep when you’re paddling against the wind or going upriver.
The water’s low profile facilitates the sensation of being at water level, just like a conventional hardshell kayak would. That makes paddling more comfortable, and it is simpler to do against the wind. The large cockpit allows you to bring your dog with you. You can also pack the kayak’s bow with some gear and enjoy spending time on a lake of your choosing.

There are some things about the AdvancedFrame’s weight capacity that we are not crazy about. Although Advanced Elements says that the boat is capable of holding 300 pounds worth of gear and people, our tester (who weighs 220 pounds and is 6’1” tall) rode low while taking the kayak out for a ride. He didn’t bring any extra gear with him, either. With that said, the boat handled the extra weight while the water moved through large waves over its hole, and effortlessly at that. He said he preferred using this meticulously-crafted boat over other kayaks of its kind.


Whenever you take the kayak out for a ride, set up is very easy. All you have to do is unfold the kayak, inflate it, then attach the seat. It is easy to launch the boat, and it can be held with a single hand before being placed on water. All you have to do from there is get on it and begin paddling. Inflation couldn’t be quicker or easier. It shouldn’t take you any longer than 10 minutes before you’re ready to hit the water.

The AdvancedFrame has 7 air chambers you can fill up, so a pump will be an important accessory when taking this kayak out. We suggest buying a higher-volume pump. It should have some kind of pressure gauge in order to simplify and expedite the inflation process. 12 V electric pumps can be inflated fast, though one manual pump will be necessary to complete the inflation.

By adventure’s end, you simply have to dry it off, open up all other valves (in order to free the water), fold up the kayak, then insert it into the accompanying duffel bag. Make sure that your kayak is fully dry before putting it away – the last thing you want to discover is mildew whenever you use it again.

Drying will warrant some effort and time on your end. Consider bringing a highly absorbent (but packable) camp towel for the sake of wiping the kayak down in order to expedite the drying time. Some kind of waterproofing spray can also be used that forces water to slide off after beading. This makes drying easier and quicker.


This inflatable kayak is quite portable – roof racks will not be necessary to bring it from one place to another. You also won’t need a large garage to store the boat in when it’s not on the water. Having said that, it can be a nuisance to carry this kayak around, and it’s not something you’ll enjoy doing from long distances. The AdvancedFrame weighs in at 33 pounds and 4 ounces, making it heavier than most tandem models out there. Its surplus of weight can be attributed to the durable construction and aluminum frame, but it does not come with a lifejacket, paddle, or pump. These are all things that you will require in order to ride around.

The kayak is quite heavy and large, considering it’s just one single kayak. It certainly rivals the large size of its counterparts. Its aluminum frame that we are so fond of is actually a double edge sword, as moving the AdvancedFrame from one place to another on land requires plenty of effort. If the kayak is inflated from your car, then you’ll find a couple of stern and bow handles that make the carrying process less awkward. You’ll need to bring a friend because grabbing the stern and bow handles at the same time on your own is just not possible. You should also refrain from dragging it directly over the ground, especially for significant distances.

Carrying the AdvancedFrame by its cockpit isn’t any easier than transporting it from the bag! The duffel bag’s design is time-tested and simple, but it isn’t very comfortable when you’re carrying more than 30 pounds over lengthy distances. You will love paddling this kayak, but you could very well end up hating the carrying work that comes with it.


While this kayak is certainly not your cheapest option, it also is not the costliest, either. You’ll end up spending more money on hardshell or inflatable kayaks by comparison. With regards to quality construction, comfort, versatility, and performance, you’ll find the AdvancedFrame to be worth the money that you pay for it. It will provide you with many years of pleasure. On the other hand, if paddling is something you are not serious about, and you want to simply try out kayaking, starting with a boat like this wouldn’t be in your best interest.


Material – 9.5 out of 10. The heavy-duty material is polyester fabric. It is coated with a couple of vinyl layers, making it puncture-resistant and extremely tough. Punctures will always be a concern when it comes to inflatable kayaks. However, this particular one is rigid and able to withstand appointee glass shards or sharp kayak knives.
The entire boat isn’t soft – the rib frame is made of aluminum, which defines the stern and bow. The frame gives the kayak a hardshell performance, as well as a very rigid shape. The AdvancedFrame is able to endure beatings from various hazards the water may surprise you with. Ultimately, it holds up quite well.

Design – 9.5 out of 10. This boat’s hybrid design is comprised of one folding frame, air chambers, and one hard frame. The kayak is meticulously crafted to be durable and well-performing, mimicking the features that come with hard-sided kayaks. It is also simple to store and quite portable. For safety reasons, there are 7 air chambers, as opposed to a single one. It also happens to be aesthetically pleasing and sure to get many envious glances from passersby.

Cost – 9.5 out of 10. The AdvancedFrame is reasonably priced and affordable in comparison to a hardshell kayak. You won’t get a better performance or quality from any other kayak at this price level.


  • Attractive.
  • The seat is adequately padded and adjustable. It also comes with sufficient back support.
  • Multiple-layer construction provides the kayak with outstanding puncture resistance.
  • Several air chambers optimize safety.
  • Easy to fold up and very compact for simple storage.
    Excellent flexibility.
  • Deflation and inflation are effortless.
  • Extremely portable and lightweight.
  • Tracks well and simple to maneuver.
  • Comfortable and stable.
  • Puncture resistant, durable, and tough.


  • In comparison to hard-sided kayaks, the AdvancedFrame isn’t as fast.
  • Big paddlers will find the kayak’s seating area to have insufficient space for them.
  • Pump not included.
  • Drying warrants effort and time.

In Closing

Although you may believe that inflatable kayaks lower a boat’s on-water abilities, that does not need to be the case. The AdvancedFrame is a perfect example of this. Advanced Elements’ boat offers surprising comfort levels, high-end construction, and superb handling. It is a multipurpose kayak that integrates tracking with speed. The inflatable exterior and aluminum interior optimize portability and ability. Even though it’s on the higher end of kayaks, price-wise, it is definitely an advanced option that kayak lovers will appreciate. The product’s longevity, performance, and quality justify the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of time necessary for the kayak’s materials to completely dry?
Not very long at all!

How long will I need to wait before the AdvancedFrame is completely inflated?
15 minutes or less is all it takes to inflate this kayak.

Is the kayak suitable for tall people?
The AdvancedFrame has a length total of 10’5”. Approximately 2/3 of that total length will accommodate your legs. Anybody taller than 6 feet will feel slightly cramped inside the boat.

Is this kayak very fast?
The AdvancedFrame happens to be much quicker in comparison to other inflatable models. In fact, its speed levels can be compared to many hardshell kayaks. Having said that, you’re not going to be breaking speed records when riding it, as it is developed for leisure paddling only.

Is it safe to bring a dog on this kayak?
It is, but your dog’s size (and yours) will need to be considered. The strong outer material and inner chamber can withstand your dog’s nails.

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